In day to day life, simple explanations about the world, country, and communities we live in are appealing. These narratives are often taken as matter of fact and we overlook the nuanced beliefs, ideas, and values that are woven into our culture.The narratives regarding drugs in America is no exception.

I am a Communication Studies and Philosophy scholar at Randolph College and part of the College’s American Culture Program. This semester-long program explores the various perceptions and reactions to drug use throughout American history from opium to alcohol, LSD to prescription pills. This immersive program includes listening to guest speakers, analyzing past and present media portrayals, visiting locations that pertain to various drug cultures, and discussing the topic as a group to consider diverse perspectives and questions that arise.

This blog-journal is a space to reflect on issues tackled, raise questions, and spark conversation about the role of drugs in America. I have a particular interest in how the narratives told about drugs in America change depending on historical and social context. A more specific focus may develop as the journal continues.