Unclear as Crystal

Drug Cultures in America

The hidden Femme Fatales of Film Noir

Out of the Past, a classic Film Noir from 1947, offers viewers a trip to the past with an alluring femme fatale, a detective caught in her web, and an over-abundance of cigarettes. Out of the Past's Kathie Moffat, heralded as a quintessential... Continue Reading →


Working within the system – Alcohol & Tourism

Loose Show Brewery is a small, family-owned brewery based in Amhurst, Virginia. The brewery’s brand can be summed up as a clean, community oriented brewery where families can gather to sip on creative and quality craft brews (including a homemade... Continue Reading →

Opium and “Othering”

Laws regarding drugs are designed to protect people from harmful, even deadly substances. At least, that is the rationale predominantly given. Yet, it is not always the drug itself that laws are created to guard against. Professor of Political Science and Criminal Justice... Continue Reading →

Talk about it, not around it: Addiction

In a world of political correctness, where the term “addiction” has been replaced with “Substance Use Disorder”, Mike Davidson program manager from Roads to Recovery in Lynchburg, spoke with a refreshing frankness about drug abuse and addiction. Roads to Recovery... Continue Reading →

A bit of background

What comes to mind when you hear the word "drug"?

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